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At Patriot, you get all the features you need in a personal checking account with no monthly service charges, plus these added benefits and solutions:Heard enough? Make the switch today!

Your VISA Debit Card
Using the VISA Debit Card is faster than writing a check and safer than carrying cash. It's accepted worldwide at traditional or online merchants that display the VISA logo. You may also use it as an ATM card at any machine displaying the STAR and Plus logo. All transactions are deducted from your Checking Account and are detailed on your monthly statement. Please note that stop payments cannot be done on debit card transactions.

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Online Check Ordering
Order checks from the comfort of your home 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week.

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Direct Deposit
Sign up for Direct Deposit and your paycheck, social security check, or retirement check will be automatically and securely deposited into your Patriot Federal Credit Union Savings or Checking Account. Funds are available to withdraw the morning of your pay date, and you'll never have to worry about your check getting lost or stolen. At Patriot, we know how important your time is. To help you make the most of it, we have a number of Direct Deposit options:Direct Deposit/ACH Transactions
Direct Deposit/ACH (Automated Clearing House) Transactions authorizes your employer to automatically send your net pay directly to your Credit Union account. Print our direct deposit form or for one provided by your employer, our routing number is 231379979.

Automatic Recurring Transfers
Automatic Recurring Transfers are convenient when you have to make loan payments, child support payments, etc. to other financial institutions. With this service you can have funds transferred from your Patriot Savings/Checking Account to those obligations at another financial institution.

Quick$tart is a Direct Deposit Service for Federal Payments. The Quick$tart service, provided by Patriot, is designed to assist your enrollment in direct deposit for your Social Security check, as well as other federal payments you may receive. To enroll, simply request a Quick$tart enrollment form, available at any Patriot branch.

Originating Deposits
Originating Deposits deposit funds directly to your Patriot Share/Checking Account from a Savings/Checking Account at another financial institution. There is no charge for this convenient service.

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STAR and Plus ATM Network
Secure, convenient and easy! Use your VISA Debit or ATM Card to withdraw cash, make deposits or check your balance. Patriot's SMART ATMs add further convenience by providing instant acknowledgement of cash and check deposits and faster funds availability. Not all Patriot ATMs are SMART ATMs. Find a Patriot ATM near you today! You can also access thousands of other locations nationwide.

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SMARTLine Telephone System
SMARTLine, Patriot's Automated Telephone Response System makes it easy to track your finances from anywhere you have access to a touch-tone phone. Check balances, transfer funds, review transactions, request a check and more by calling 717-263-8468 from the Chambersburg, PA area, or toll free at 888-633-PFCU (7328).

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