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Being Financially Smart Articles

Steps for Protecting Your Child from Identity Theft
In today's technology-dominated culture, it is important to make sure children and teens understand the importance of protecting their identity online and for financial reasons. If you have children in your household, help make them aware of smart kid-specific prevention measures now. These measures will help guard them against future of frustration from possible identity theft

Talk about safe internet habits
Have a discussion about secure sites, strong passwords, computer security settings and other issues related to internet safety. Identity thieves have been known to monitor social media accounts to build information profiles for children, so advise your child to avoid giving out personal information.

Get the credit report
Call 877.322.8228 or go to to access free reports for your child. If the child has a report, examine it to find out what information is being reported and why. While you are at it, also request a social security earnings record at

Keep important papers locked up
Items like birth certificates and social security cards should be kept in a secure location. Don't allow children or teens to handle them unless absolutely necessary. As always, it is important to avoid giving out potentially sensitive information unless required for school activities or registration , participation in athletics, or if travel plans require proof of birth and citizenship.

Monitor the mail
If your child gets business mail that isn't age appropriate - like credit card offers or collections notices - contact the sender and ask them to provide you with more information about why they are sending these items to your child.

Having young people trained at an early age to respect the importance of protecting their personal information will be a great habit for their entire life.

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Home Sweet Home Improvement

After watching home-improvement television shows, you might be inspired to start a home improvement project. Depending on what you choose to tackle, some projects will increase the value of your home while others are for your own comfort!

Here are some tips to consider:
Projects like kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels and additions of rooms have more chance of increasing the value of your home. Check with a realtor in your area if you want to know what the value might be for your project.

Before signing on the dotted line of a contract, check out your contractor at the Attorney General's Home Improvement Consumer Information site. The Pennsylvania Legislature passed the Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act so all contractors who perform at least $5,000 worth of home improvements per year must register with the Attorney General's Office Pennsylvania You can also verify his/her registration by calling 1-888-520-6680.

If you use a contractor, be sure that they are bonded and insured. Your home improvement project can really be spoiled if an uninsured worker on your property gets injured. A claim could go against your homeowner's insurance coverage.

Check with your homeowner's insurance company prior to starting a large home improvement project. Certain design requirements could impact your premium. Also, if you decided to have a few friends help you, unless they are licensed contractors, they may not have insurance to cover the expenses of an injury while "helping you out."

Finally, some projects may require some form of financing. With interest rates so low, you may find a home equity loan or a line of credit is a great way to maximize your budget. Sometimes refinancing your mortgage will provide the funds you can use to do a large project the way you want without sacrificing due to budget restrictions. Simply make sure you consider the total interest expense of whatever options a lender offers you.

For a successful home improvement project, consider our tips for reducing headaches and for making smart borrowing decisions. You will be able to enjoy your home even more with the upside of potentially increasing its value!

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