BillPay Account to Account Transfer FAQs

Q: What will happen to my transfers initiated on or before the sunset date?

A: Any transfer with a processing date of November 15, 2023, or later, will not process and will be canceled. November 14, 2023, is the last date that transfers will process. Transfers scheduled after November 14, 2023, will be canceled. You will need to plan accordingly.


Q: When is the last date I can access the “Transfer Money” tab to review/change/set up/delete transactions? 

A: You can access account-to-account through the Transfer Money tab through 11/15/23.


Q: How can I transfer money from my Patriot account to my other account? 

A: You have three ways 

1.) You can contact a Patriot employee to complete an Outgoing ACH Origination one-time or recurring (must be initiated three business days before the transfer).

2.) You can write yourself a check from your Patriot checking account and deposit it at the other financial institution.

3.) You can conduct a wire transfer (fee does apply).


Q: How can I transfer money into my Patriot account from my other financial institution’s account? 

A: You have five ways

1.) You can use Online Banking & Mobile to transfer funds into your Patriot account using External Transfers (limits and eligibility apply).

2.) You can complete a mobile deposit utilizing Patriot’s Mobile app (limits and eligibility apply).

3.) You can complete an Incoming wire (fee does apply).

4.) You can mail a check from your other financial institution to Patriot to deposit to your account.

5.) You can deposit a check from your other financial institution in person at a branch.


Q: What will the bill pay site look like when A2A is no longer available?

A: The Transfer Money tab will disappear in bill pay.

Bill Pay Screen Change