6 Ways to Support Small Businesses During a Pandemic

Per state governors’ mandates, most brick and mortar businesses are currently closed or are functioning under restrictions, such as drive-through or carry-out only, or limiting the number of people who can enter the building at once. The federal government has released a program to help save small businesses, but the success of local businesses really depends on our support. Here are a few ways you can help ensure your favorite local businesses endure through these hard times.

Shop locally, online

Many small boutiques and other non-essential businesses are no longer allowed to operate through a storefront, taking away their main sales method. Some local businesses, however, still have the option of selling through a website, social media, or over the phone. Even if you usually don’t shop online, now is the time to step outside the box and patronize your favorite small businesses in any way possible.

Purchase gift cards

For the businesses that have no way to operate right now, and even for the ones that do, purchasing gift cards that you can use later is a great way to show local businesses your support. This gives them some income now to help them make it through these hard times until they can operate normally again.

Order take-out or delivery

Most restaurants are still open for carry-out or delivery. If you can, purchase meals from your favorite local businesses a few times a week. Many places are even offering free delivery until things return to normal, so you don’t have to worry about going anywhere.

Tip well

When you do get meals or service from a local business, tip well! Even if they are services you may not normally tip for, like a drive-through meal, these tips can help keep struggling local businesses afloat.

Take advantage of sales

If you have opened your email since this pandemic began, you have no doubt noticed that almost every business you have ever visited or purchased from is offering some type of discount. Even though you probably won’t be wearing regular pants or a full face of makeup anytime soon, shop small business sales now and show off your new purchases later.

Engage on social media

If you have also been hit hard financially by the Novel Coronavirus, you may think there is nothing you can do to support and save local businesses, but that isn’t true! Like and follow your favorite businesses on as many social media channels as possible. Share their posts with your friends, like and comment often, and write your own posts about your experiences with your favorite businesses. Especially with the influx of social media posts as many people are off or out of work, struggling local businesses need your help to make sure people are seeing their posts. Each social media platform has their own algorithm, but all of them feature posts with engagement over posts without engagement. You can help your favorite local businesses stand out by simply giving them a few minutes of your time as you scroll through your feed.

Small businesses are the life of local economies and are the dreams and passions of many of our friends. These local businesses support our kids’ sports teams, our charities and causes, and our community events – now is the time for us to give back and support them in any way we can.

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