Patriot Federal Credit Union — Robinwood

Credit unions are known for their exceptional financial benefits, and Patriot Federal Credit Union is no exception. Along with all the advantages that come with membership in a credit union, you can access several benefits unique to becoming a member of Patriot FCU.

Our Robinwood office is located in Hagerstown, Maryland, on Robinwood Drive. We’re conveniently situated just off Dual Highway, close to the Meritus Medical Center, and our representatives are ready to help however they can. At Patriot FCU, the needs of our members come first.

Our Members

Members of Patriot FCU aren’t just members — they’re also partial owners. Credit unions are owned by the members and run by an elected board of directors. That means shareholders won’t be the ones making important decisions about your finances. It also means we don’t focus on profits. In fact, as a not-for-profit business, we pass all possible savings on to the members. Credit unions typically offer lower interest rates than banks, and checking and savings accounts often earn higher dividends. Furthermore, our fees are usually lower and fewer. You won’t be overpaying for something simple.

If you live, work, worship, attend school or regularly conduct business in Hagerstown or another area we serve, you’re eligible for membership with Patriot FCU. Additionally, this membership extends to the family of our members — even those outside the household.

In addition to Hagerstown, we have locations in several parts of Pennsylvania and Maryland, including:

  • Franklin County, Fulton County and Shippensburg Borough in Pennsylvania
  • Washington County in Maryland

You can find multiple physical locations and ATMs in these areas, so a branch will always be within reach. Should you need to access your finances outside of office hours, you can rely on 24/7 access to eBranch services and mobile banking.

Our Services

The services offered at Patriot FCU can help you with a wide variety of financial needs, whether it’s for you as an individual or your business. We can even help with planning out your finances to keep you and your family prepared.

The following are some of the services we offer:

  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Personal loans, student loans and auto loans
  • Individual retirement accounts
  • Home mortgages and equity loans
  • Credit cards
  • Auto, life, property and health insurance
  • Estate, financial and retirement planning

In addition to these financial services, your Patriot FCU membership will qualify you for discounts and rewards from places like Liberty Mutual Insurance. It will also grant access to our annual shred days, GreenPath financial wellness education and TruStage Insurance. Prospective college students can even enter our annual Baumunk Scholarship competition.

Patriot FCU is proud to offer live access to accounts and account activity. Most of the time, transactions like deposits and transfers will be reflected in your account immediately. As a result, you’ll find that on-the-go adjustments are easier than ever.

Contact Your Local Branch

Let the Patriot FCU representatives at Robinwood help you grow your financial capabilities. Whether you need to open a checking account, deposit some cash or ask a question about the services we offer, contact the Robinwood office at (888) 996-2735 to make an appointment today.


Patriot’s 10th branch opened on October 15, 2018.

Robinwood Groundbreaking

Robinwood Groundbreaking

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