Patriot Federal Credit Union — Waynesboro West

We give a warm welcome to everyone who visits our Patriot Federal Credit Union branch at Waynesboro West, located on North Grant Street in Waynesboro. Patriot FCU values our members, and our friendly representatives at Waynesboro West can assist you with a range of needs, from opening a checking account to applying for a mortgage. Our extended hours on Thursday and Friday, when our lobby and drive-up banking remain open until 6 p.m., allow flexibility for our members’ busy schedules.

Joining a credit union offers so many benefits compared to a bank. A few of the advantages you will enjoy include:

  • Earning a higher dividend on your savings and checking accounts.
  • Lower interest rates on loans.
  • Fewer and lower fees.

We also approve and process our loans locally, so the person making the decision understands more about you and your living situation. You receive many exclusive benefits available only to Patriot FCU members as well. If you have questions about our credit union or want to learn more about our services, visit our Waynesboro West branch for assistance.

Our Members

Credit union members usually share a common trait, such as where they live. To join Patriot FCU, you must reside in Fulton or Franklin County in Pennsylvania, the Borough of Shippensburg in Pennsylvania or Washington County, Maryland. You can fill out an online application or apply at our Waynesboro West branch. You will need a photo ID, your Social Security number and verification of your address.

Once you become a member, you remain one for life, even if you move. Our members can invite their families to join. You take part ownership in the credit union when you join, gaining a voice in your financial future. Other benefits specific to Patriot FCU membership include:

  • Access to TruStage Insurance.
  • Discounts at Liberty Mutual Insurance.
  • Use of our financial calculators.

You can attend our annual shred days and apply for our annual Baumunk Scholarship Competition if you are a rising college student. Our members also appreciate that our transactions run on a live system. When you use our mobile or online banking, your account updates in real time, reflecting recent deposits and debits.

Our Services

At our Waynesboro West location, you can access services such as:

  • Personal banking: Open a savings and/or checking account, get a safety deposit box, buy VISA gift cards and learn more about overdraft protection.
  • Business services: Apply for real estate loans, initiate merchant services and set up business credit cards.
  • Borrowing: Apply for personal, automotive, home or home equity loans.

We also offer insurance programs, such as health and auto insurance, and resources to help you with estate planning, ID theft protection and scam alerts.

Contact Your Local Branch

Stop by the Waynesboro West office to discuss any questions you have about our member services. We can assist you in applying to the credit union and discovering the services best suited to your needs. Make an appointment to visit us today by calling 717-263-4444.

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