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eBranch Enrollment Phone Scam

We have recently been made aware of a possible phone scam related to the launch of our new eBranch. Phone scams are designed to take advantage of individuals during times of change, like Patriot’s new eBranch with members who will be unfamiliar with the new system.

Here’s what is occurring:

Members (as well as non-members) have received a pre-recorded automated phone calls “regarding their enrollment in home banking.”  During this phone call the message instructs the call recipient to press 1 to proceed with enrollment.   THIS IS A SCAM used to collect personal information.  If you receive a similar form of communication please HANG UP and contact us at (717) 263-4444 or (888) 777-9982 and let us know that you have received the call.

Patriot does NOT initiate calls using automated service with the exception of our fraud monitoring for Patriot’s Debit and Credit Cards and would not request your personal information through an automated system.

If you have provided information to anyone that you have not initiated the communication, please contact us immediately.

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