Halloween Safety Tips

Although this year has looked a lot different than usual, many Halloween festivities will still go on. Whether or not you have children who will be trick-or-treating this year, it is important to keep kids safe during this fun holiday tradition. Check out these tips to help you keep safety in mind this Halloween:

Parents of Trick-Or-Treaters:

  • Go along with younger trick-or-treaters, especially if they aren’t confident making their way around the nearby streets alone.
  • If you have older children who are trick-or-treating alone, map out a route and discuss it beforehand. You could even walk the practice route with them a few days in advance to make sure they know their way.
  • If your kids are going trick-or-treating alone, send along a cell phone and make sure they know who to look for if they need help.
  • Have your kiddos carry a flashlight, glow stick, or other lighted device to help keep them visible for motorists.
  • Be sure that your child’s costume fits correctly so that it does not obstruct their vision or cause them to trip.

Drivers & Everyone Else:

  • Try to drive on main, well-lit roads as much as possible during and around trick-or-treating time.
  • Don’t drive under the influence. This is a rule you should always follow, but even more so when it’s a given that most residential streets will be lined with children. If you plan to drink, designate a sober driver.
  • Pay close attention to traffic signals and signs. It is a good idea to drive 5 mph below the speed limit on trick-or-treating night so that you have more time to react should a child run into the street.
  • Use your headlights, even in the daylight. This will make you more visible to trick-or-treaters and will help make trick-or-treaters more visible to you.
  • Don’t text and drive! Again, a rule that should always be followed, but even more so on trick-or-treating night. Avoid other distractions like changing the music or eating, too.

Since regulations are changing often in this “new normal,” make sure to check your local guidelines to ensure your area is allowing trick-or-treating this year.

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