Love Your Area but Not Your Home? Remodel!

Have you considered moving because your house is outdated, too small, or just not what you need anymore? If this idea is hard to fathom because you love your location and don’t want to relocate, remodeling is a great option.

Reasons to Remodel

The National Association of Realtors reported that after remodeling, 65% of people enjoyed their home more and 75% had a greater desire to spend time at home. Remodeling could not only revitalize your home, but also the way you feel about spending time there (which could save money in other areas). Here are some reasons to remodel:

  • Your home needs an upgrade: If you’re not happy with your home because it needs a bigger kitchen, an extra bedroom, or an additional fireplace, a renovation is the perfect solution! Putting an addition on your home, completely redoing your kitchen, and other similar upgrades are very doable and much cheaper than a new home in most cases.
  • Your house will be more likely to sell: If you still aren’t happy with your home after remodeling, it will be much more likely to sell with new fixtures and styling. Your home will also likely be worth more than it was prior to a remodel, which gives you more opportunity to buy a new home that fulfills your wishes.
  • You love your land: It may seem easy to just move down the street if you love your location but want a new home – but what if you love your lot specifically? Maybe it backs up to a creek or is next to your adult children, or has an in ground pool. Renovating is the perfect way to keep you where you are without giving up on your dream home.
  • It’s less expensive than buying a new home: In most cases, it will be much cheaper to fix up and renovate your current home than to buy a new one. It will also save you the hassle of finding a realtor, applying for a new first mortgage and the pre-qualifications and pre-approvals that come with it, and actually moving.

Top Return on Investment Remodels

So you’ve decided to remodel – now, what should you remodel? Some remodels are worth more than others. Check out this list of the remodels with the highest return on investment:


  • New or Upgraded Kitchen
  • New or Upgraded Bathroom
  • New Master Suite
  • New Wood Flooring
  • Basement Conversion to Living Space


  • New Roofing
  • New Windows
  • New Garage Door
  • New Siding

Upgrading roofing, kitchens, basements, and garage doors tend to have some of the highest return on investment levels. Sometimes, you can actually have a higher return on investment on a new roof than what you paid for it.

3 Tips for Remodeling

Find a Good Contractor: Be careful choosing who works on your home. The big name contractors aren’t always the best ones for your job. Shop around on Facebook to see if there might be an independent contractor that can do the job correctly the first time and for less money. Many times, smaller contractors have fewer overhead costs and can save you money with the same or better expertise. Be sure to check out online reviews on sites like Home Advisor and Facebook to make sure they are doing quality work– you want someone you can trust. Also, make sure they can see the dream that you are going for in your newly renovated home!

Some DIY is Okay: Lots of contractors do work hourly, so see if you can do the prep or finishing touches on your own. For instance, if you can demo the current work space safely, prepare surfaces, or paint afterwards, it could save you money.  Likewise, if there is part of the renovation that you are experienced in and confident in taking on, choose to do it yourself to save money on labor costs.

Know Your Financing Options: So now that you’re convinced on renovating your home, how do you finance it? If you’ve been in your home for a while, it is likely that you have built up some equity. And with home prices rising, your house may be worth more than you think. Borrowing against the equity in your home can be a great and very affordable option for remodeling. Home equity loans and home equity lines of credit are exactly what you need when it’s time for a home renovation.

Apply for a Home Equity Loan at Patriot Federal Credit Union

If you are ready to make renovate or improve your home but need some assistance affording it, Patriot can help you make it happen! Call us at 717-263-4444, visit one of our branches, or go to our website to learn more about getting a home equity loan on your home with some of the lowest rates in the area.

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