Suspicious card transactions

Updated 3/24/2023

Early this morning Patriot’s fraud monitoring systems identified suspicious pending card transactions on member accounts.  Our fraud monitoring system sent out alerts (depending upon the member’s channel preference). Be aware, that since fraudsters are also experienced at spoofing phone calls and text messages, we recommend that members initiate calls to us rather than respond to any phone calls from individuals who may be posing as Patriot agents.

We have identified the affected accounts and cards, and are working through the dispute process for all members. All member accounts with fraudulent ‘podcast subscription’ debit card transactions will be reimbursed and any fees incurring as a result of the fraudulent transactions will be refunded as part of the dispute processing.

Member cards impacted by this suspicious activity will be subjected to additional fraud monitoring.  While you can continue to use your debit card, as a precaution we will be sending out card replacements to members who have not already received a replacement card at one of our branches.

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.

As a reminder – Patriot will NEVER send text messages asking members to log into Mobile or Online banking from a link in the text message. Additionally, Patriot will NEVER ask you to share your mobile or eBranch credentials via text, phone, or email.

If you are uncertain about the validity of a text message, a best practice is to open your mobile app or visit our website to access eBranch. For more ways to protect yourself from becoming a victim, please visit

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