Contactless Payment Option

Try a new way to pay with your Patriot VISA credit card!

With this payment option, you can pay by simply tapping your card at enabled machines. Look for the “contactless” symbol  (four curved lines) at checkout, then tap your card or hold it just above the card reader (usually within 3 inches).

Most retailers accept contactless payments, including boutiques, restaurants, vending machines, big box stores, and more. In fact, according to VISA, 84 out of the top 100 U.S. retailers accept contactless payments. If you do not see the contactless logo at checkout, however, you can still insert or swipe your card for a secure payment.

How secure are contactless payments?

Using your Patriot VISA credit card for a contactless payment is very similar to inserting your card to use the EMV chip-enabled technology. Like the EMV chips in the credit cards, the contactless chip emits a one-time code for each transaction that is transmitted with your payment information. In order to replicate the information to make a fraudulent payment, a hacker would have to figure out the algorithm used by VISA to make payments, which is virtually impossible, making the payment very secure.

Are contactless payments safe?

Yes, contactless payments are safe. Due to the one-time code emitted by the contactless chip, this technology is safer than swiping the magnetic strip on your card.

Ready to try out contactless payments for yourself?

If you already have a Patriot VISA credit card, you can start using contactless payments any time. To learn more about this technology or to get your own Patriot VISA credit card, call our contact center at 888-777-9982 during normal business hours, visit any of our branches, or apply online!