Business Loans

It’s our business to keep your business growing.

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for some time, the borrowing solutions you need for your business are right here at Patriot.

Patriot offers business loans to fund:

  • Expansion
  • Working capital
  • Equipment purchases
  • Business-use vehicles
  • Revolving lines of credit

Expansion Loans

Patriot offers loans to help grow businesses – whether you’re just getting into business or looking to expand your business into new territories or with new products and services.

Working Capital Loans

We offer short-term loans to finance furniture and fixtures, leasehold improvements, a permanent investment in your inventory and additional backing for accounts receivable.

Equipment Purchase Financing

When the latest equipment can provide your business money-saving efficiencies and increased productivity, Patriot offers competitive monthly payment options and interest rates to fund an equipment upgrade, purchase a brand new asset, or refinance an existing one. Ideal for purchasing heavy equipment, manufacturing equipment, medical or dental equipment, and computer systems/IT equipment.

Business-use Vehicle Loans

A quality vehicle can help you drive your business and Patriot can make it happen. We can finance a variety of trucks and automobiles – up to 100% financing. Let us know how we can help.

Revolving Lines of Credit

In today’s business world, having access to cash can be a valuable asset for your company. For the ongoing working capital or immediate cash needs of your business, our revolving line of credit provides you with access to funds. It may help you plan during the peak season, funding special projects, purchase additional inventory, or provide liquidity when you need it most.

It can also help you maintain an even cash flow. For example, once receivables are converted to cash, the line can be paid down or paid off. And when the need rises again, you can draw on the line to borrow again – without re-applying for another loan.

To apply for a business loan with Patriot, we’ll need a business loan application, your personal financial statement, and three years of tax returns (personal and business).

We want to help your small business succeed. Contact or visit us to discuss your ideas and opportunities.