Business VISA Debit Cards

Business debit cards are available with any of our three tiered business checking accounts and our non-profit business checking account. Any business type – Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, and Corporations – are eligible for a business debit card and all the benefits that come with them.

 border=  Patriot Business VISA® Debit Card Benefits

Have the convenience and power of VISA attached to your Patriot account.

  • Get Cash Anywhere: Accepted at domestic ATMs displaying the VISA, PLUS, Pulse, and Allpoint logo, as well as ATMs in the VISA, PLUS, or Discover Global Network (Discover/Diner’s Club) internationally.
  • Make Purchases Anywhere, Anytime: Purchasing power worldwide at traditional or online merchants that display the VISA® or Pulse Logo
  • 24/7 Access: Review your account information and purchases online 24/7 with eBranch online banking or our Patriot mobile banking app.
  • Instantly issued – no more waiting for a new credit card in the event of a lost, misplaced, or compromised card. Now, you can drop by any of the following branches and have a new credit card issued instantly: Wayne Avenue, Lincoln Way East, Waynesboro Financial Services Center (WFSC), Robinwood and Ballenger Creek .1

Patriot VISA® Debit Card Security Features

Safety and security are top priority for us at Patriot. Your protection comes first.

    • Card ControlsManage (disable/enable) your card, set up travel notifications, order a replacement card, and mark your card as lost or stolen, all from your Patriot Mobile App, wherever you are.
    • Chip-Enabled Technology: Patriot debit cards are embedded with microchips to give you an extra layer of security beyond regular debit cards.
    • Fraud monitoring: Patriot proactively monitors your account to bring suspicious purchase activity to your attention.
    • Enhanced Security: Enroll your card in VISA Purchase Alerts to receive a near real-time message whenever a purchase is made with your card.

1Non-issuing branches (Letterkenny, Gateway, Federal Street, North Pointe and Waynesboro West)  can take care of any needed card maintenance. Thereafter, you have the option of receiving your new card through the mail or stop in same-day to any of our four “issuing” branches to have your card printed on the spot.