Credit & Debit Card Network FAQ

In August 2021, we transitioned to a new Credit and Debit Card Network in order to enhance the convenience and experience of Patriot credit and debit card carrying members. This change will enable Patriot to offer consumers  a new Cash Back Rewards VISA® Credit Card as well digital wallets including Apple Pay®, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay® and others.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition. If you are experiencing problems with your card or attempted card transactions, please contact us so that we can address any issues – – – we are committed to giving this our full attention.
Below you’ll find answers to several Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to the network conversion.

General Information

What are the changes associated with the credit/debit card network conversion?

Here are just a few:

  • You’ll notice a different ATM screen when visiting any Patriot ATM.
  • Patriot debit cards will now be accepted at Pulse, PLUS, VISA, Allpoint, and Discover Global network ATMs.
  • Patriot debit card holders can only make deposits at Patriot ATMs.
  • Enhanced card security tools have been added to help protect you from fraud. For more information and to enroll at no cost, click here.
  • A new Patriot Cash Back Rewards VISA Credit Card is now available.
  • Members now can place their Patriot debit and credit cards in digital wallets.

Will my debit and credit card transactions appear any differently on my account statement or eBranch?

Slightly. Members will now notice the last four digits of their card number shown in the transaction history on eBranch, Mobile and on the monthly account statement.  This will be especially helpful for joint accounts with two or more cardholders, in helping identify which card was used to make a purchase or withdrawal.

Will the terms and conditions of my debit or credit card change?

Some minor modifications were made to address the changes to different networks and transactions available at non-Patriot ATMs. You can find updated versions of the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Funds Availability disclosures here.

 Card Issuance

If my current Patriot debit or credit card is damaged, can I come into a branch and get a replacement?

Members appreciate the ability of having a damaged or lost card replaced instantly at many of our branches (Wayne Avenue, Lincoln Way East, Waynesboro Financial Services Center on Buchanan Trail East, Robinwood in Hagerstown, and Ballenger Creek in Frederick) and you’ll continue to be able to do that.

My card is expiring soon. Do I need to visit a branch for a new card or will I get one in the mail?

About 30 days prior to the expiration on your card you will be sent a new card in the mail.  If you do not receive a card, please give us a call.

 Card Activation

How do I activate my debit/credit card?

You can activate your new debit or credit card by calling our card activation line at 1-844-909-1630, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or you can use the card at any ATM or Point of Sale terminal with your PIN (Personal Identification Number).

I just was instantly issued a credit card at one of Patriot’s branches. When can I begin using it?

Debit and credit cards that are instant issued, will be active the next day after 6 AM.

Card Controls

Can I turn my debit/credit card off using ‘card controls’ in Patriot Mobile?

Yes, you can continue to turn your card ‘on’ and ‘off’ as well as block or report a lost card using the Patriot Mobile app. However, members will no longer be able to activate a card using Patriot Mobile.

 ATM Access

What ATM networks can I use with my Patriot debit card to get cash?

Patriot cardholders can use their debit card to access domestic ATMs in the Pulse, VISA, PLUS, and Allpoint ATM networks. (NOTE: Surcharges may vary by ATM location, however, Allpoint ATMs are surcharge free.) If travelling internationally, cardholders can look for ATMs in the VISA, PLUS, and Discover Global Network (Discover/Diner’s Club) networks. Click here for locations.

What ATM networks can I use with my Patriot credit card to get cash?

Patriot cardholders can use their credit card to access domestic and international ATMs in the VISA or PLUS ATM networks.

Can I make a deposit at an ATM not owned or operated by Patriot (not-on-us)?

Sorry, Patriot debit card holders can only make deposits at Patriot ATMs. Click here for deposit-accepting ATM locations.

Can I use my Quest EBT card to get cash at a Patriot ATM?

Yes, Patriot ATMs can accept Quest EBT cards.

I noticed that the Patriot ATM screens have changed. Has anything else changed on your ATMs for members?

All Patriot ATMs have been upgraded. The most noticeable change is the new animated screens. Additionally, members will see a new selection of withdrawal amounts, and although “$300” doesn’t show as an option – it was replaced by “$80” choice – members can still withdrawal up to $500. Finally, most of our ATMs have been enhanced so that  they  now accept deposits for Patriot cardholders. Click here for deposit-accepting ATM locations.

 Point of Sale/Purchases

What merchants/retailers will accept my Patriot debit card for purchases or services?

Patriot cardholders can make purchases at participating VISA and Pulse merchants domestically, and merchants displaying the VISA logo internationally.

Where can I use my Patriot credit card for purchases or services?

Patriot cardholders can make purchases wherever VISA is accepted.


I have a card but can’t remember my PIN. Can I get a new one?

If you have forgotten your PIN, please contact us at 1-888-777-9982 or stop into any of our branches for assistance.

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