Debit Card Fraud Alert

April 27, 2020 – We are aware of attempts to collect personal debit card information from members via text messages and phone calls that appear to come from Patriot but do not.  The fraudsters have spoofed Patriot’s toll free number so that calls and text messages appear to come from our legitimate number.

Here’s a sample of what the fraudulent text might look like:

These calls and texts request that members enter or give their new card number and possibly other information – – – DO NOT COMPLY.  Since our fraud protection department already has member debit card information (number, expiration date), they would never ask for that information over the phone or via text.  Staff in our fraud prevention services may, however, call to verify certain debit card transaction information for purchases that appear unusual.

If you have been contacted recently and provided personal debit card information, please contact us immediately during regular business hours.

Tips on protecting yourself from being a victim to scams, can be found on our website at or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) web site –