Introducing Nudges

What are Nudges - PhoneNudges: What Are They?

Nudges are customized push notifications that will be sent directly to members’ smartphones through their existing Patriot Mobile app. This integration will enable us to quickly communicate with our members in a new and personalized way.

When members tap on the push notifications, they will be redirected to tailored web pages featuring pertinent and actionable details.

We will be using nudges to design targeted campaigns for products, make important announcements (such as branch closings), as well as promote financial literacy education and community events that Patriot will be sponsoring/have a presence at, reinforcing our commitment to the communities we serve.



Nudges: Expected Popups

When the Patriot Mobile app is updated, members will receive new popups regarding location sharing permissions for our nudges. They will be instructed to allow location sharing While Using App first, then Change to Always Allow in order for them to receive nudges.

See below for the popups members will receive next time they open their Patriot Mobile

How to: Hide Persistent Notification

All Android apps that perform actions in the background will, by default, display a “persistent” notification (shown to the left).

See below for steps to hide this notification.


01 — Long-tap app icon

Long-tap your Patriot Mobile app icon to bring up the pop-up menu

02 — Tap App info

Tap the App info option to open a similarly named screen

03 — Tap Notifications

Find and tap the Notifications option


04 — Untoggle Background Real-Time Messaging

This will open a screen where you can untoggle the Background Real-Time Messaging option