Members’ Success Stories

We’re always listening.

These are real members sharing their thoughts with us.

“My husband has been a PFCU member for 36 years and I also have been for 26 years. My husband retired from Letterkenny three years ago and now your nearest location is 35 minutes from our home. We could have chosen to do our primary banking at a local credit union, but because our experience with Patriot has been so outstanding over the years, we elected not to. Every time we contact Patriot via phone or email, your team is immediately responsive, knowledgeable and friendly.

We recently had the opportunity to work with Deb from your mortgage department and our experience was noteworthy. She was incredibly helpful in helping us navigate our new home equity loan. Her attitude and knowledge was stellar, despite our constant questions. She was tireless in her efforts to help us understand pieces of the process we were concerned about. In short, she was a gem.

I hope you’ll have the opportunity to pass along my comments to her. People like Deb are the reason why we continue to business with PFCU.”
Michele H – Member since 1980

“I live in Cumberland, MD and will travel to Patriot for all my financial needs!”
Member, Hagerstown Branch

“Christine was extremely courteous, professional and knowledgeable in handling my transaction. I was so impressed and pleased.”
Member, Wayne Avenue Branch

“Wouldn’t go anywhere else but Patriot!”
Member, Wayne Avenue Branch

“Each time that I have dealt with Patriot staff, they are always very friendly and efficient. Thank you so much.”
Member, Chambersburg

“You folks do a great job! You remembered and wished me a happy birthday – a simple gesture that helped to make my day better!”
Member, Waynesboro Branch

“We are honored and lucky that we are members of Patriot. We thank you for your prompt service. We will surely recommend you. Keep up the good work and excellent service.”
Member, Waynesboro Branch

I would say that the rates offered for the products available are a great way to save money in this country’s time of need. We need to save our money where we can and Patriot does that for its members.
M.S. – Patriot member

I continually shop around for the best rates, but all my loans always end up with Patriot. I recently refinanced my auto loan here and am saving money every month. I also created a budget to save and make sure my money is working for me.
M.S. – Patriot member

My wife and I just completed a HELOC combining our current Heloc from another bank and our 2010 car purchase from another bank. We realized a nearly $500.00 a month saving by using PFCU to combine both in one HELOC Package.
J.H. – Patriot member

I just saw online that you are offering this product, with a very attractive rate… looking to pay off some credit card bills, this looks like a good way to do it.
C.B. – Patriot member

These are great ways to save money for the people who need to purchase a new car or a large purchase like home improvements or college expenses. Our family will definitely keep PFCU and its Money Revolution in mind next time we have that college bill roll around this fall!
S.M. – Patriot member

I am currently a novice to financial endeavors; however, with the Patriot Federal Credit Unions Money Revolution I have just managed to refinance my auto loan at a lower interest rate which will make my dream vehicle affordable. I am a busy mother working full time, attending college part-time all while being on-call for motherhood 24 hours a day. I was able to save my vehicle as well as save money towards future investments. I would rate the money revolution a 10 for great ways to save in an understandable and timely manner. Thanks PFCU! As always, I look forward to doing business with you!
P.B – Patriot member

Nice to see a Credit Union takes care of its members! Cannot say the same about my bank.
M.L. – Patriot member

I love the money-saving ways you show how to stretch my budget with the special lower interest-rate offers on both Auto Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit!
C.S. – Patriot member

“The service here is the best around. Everyone is so great! I know that it will be the same years from now. Because everyone cares so much for the customer is Number One!”
E.R. – Patriot member

“I took the $200 rebate & headed straight to Wal-mart to get groceries. It may not sound exciting, but purchasing groceries for my family without having to budget it within my paycheck was pretty exciting for me. Thanks!”
S.H. – Patriot member

“Not only did we receive a 1% rebate, we also a skipped truck payment for December. It covered Christmas in our house. And we are at a much better interest rate on the truck that dad works out of and keeps us going. Yeah!!!”
L.J. – Patriot member

“Your ad to refinance our car loan hung on our refrigerator as a reminder for weeks. We doubted that we would be able to improve much on our loan, but to our surprise we reduced both the length of our original loan, the interest rate and received 1% cash back just in time for the holidays. THANK YOU! A special thanks to Justina our Rep that walked us through the process. She was delightful to work with and made the process very easy. Thanks Patriot for being in our neighborhood!”
L.O. – Patriot member

“I just refinanced my loan with Patriot and I plan to put it towards the garage fund that my husband and I have been building for about 4 years now. Thanks Patriot! You rock!”
S.D. – Patriot member

“I checked out the figures and was very impressed. We chose to have it put in our account. With the economy the way it is and jobs being so insecure we are watching our pennies. That is why we didn’t want to waste it when we refinanced to save money. That 1% helped and plus we lowered our payment. That was savings enough!”
K.B. – Patriot member

“With my 1% cash back on the vehicles that I refinanced to Patriot Federal Credit Union, I was able to purchase the video game system that my son wanted for Christmas. I can’t wait to see his face Christmas morning when he gets it because he pretty much understood that I wasn’t able to afford it. Plus, I am saving almost $80.00 a month on the payments, so the benefits will just continue!”
M.S. – Patriot member

“I just found out that I was approved to refinance my vehicle with Patriot. With Patriot’s 5% rate I will be saving a little over $30.00 each month. $30.00 extra a month is a lot these days. Especially to this single mom. In addition, Patriot is giving 1% cash back. I was really happy to hear that I was approved. Times have been tough. On top of that we had accumulated a lot of unexpected expenses with the illness of our beloved family pet. Things have been even tighter with trying to pay for her medical expenses and my daughter’s 6th birthday is next week. With the extra cash back I plan on spending every penny on a special present for her that I otherwise would have never been able to. I am very excited for her birthday. I feel so blessed with this offer. It was an answer to prayer.”
K.S. – Patriot Member

“I spent it on some food for the house and paid off my pay pal account. It was great to have some extra cash.”
J.E. – Patriot member

“If I received the 1% Cash Rebate, I would save the money and use towards Christmas presents for my loving family that takes care of me. This would allow me to not have to put the presents’ value on credit cards.”
J.F. – Patriot Member

“My husband and I both got rebates from our 2 vehicles we refinanced. I was a little short that week, so my rebate really helped me get through the week and I saved the rest. Thank you Patriot, for offering the unemployment insurance (a real peace of mind in these times) something we didn’t have with our other loans and even with this, Patriot still saved us money on our monthly car payments!”
K.S. – Patriot member

“My husband and I refinanced our home equity line of credit, and we also refinanced his truck loan through the Patriot Credit Union. We are very pleased that we have reduced our financial debt and our output of money. We did earn a rebate for refinancing the truck loan. That rebate check was directly deposited into our Patriot account to go towards our home loan and towards the truck loan. The staff at Patriot made the whole process so easy for us, and we know that they are a dependable crew. Our thanks go out to them for helping us to reduce our debt. Thanks Patriot. You just made our life easier!”
S.K. – Patriot member

“The 1% rebate I got back went toward the final payoff on my truck. Everything went smoothly during the refinance. Everyone extremely nice and efficient.”
V.R. – Patriot member