You only have one identity. Protect it with the best.™

Patriot Federal Credit Union is excited to announce a money-saving partnership with LifeLock,the best identity theft protection. Enroll now. You can now get 10% off* LifeLock protection.

One in four people have experienced identity theft.1 You may not think it can happen to you, but everyday activities like using public Wi—Fi or social media, opening new accounts, giving out your Social Security number and shopping online can expose personal information. This daily digital connectivity can leave you vulnerable to identity. Identity thieves can take over financial accounts, file fraudulent tax refunds, rent or buy properties and even commit crimes–all in your name.

Exposure can also happen through data breaches. Insurance companies, retailers and even the government have been hacked in the past. If your personal information is stolen, it may show up on the dark web months before you’re even notified of a data

Free credit monitoring simply isn’t enough. LifeLock does more than free credit monitoring to help protect you from identity theft. The minute you join LifeLock, you’ll have exclusive members—only protection services including proprietary identity monitoring† with technology that scans a trillion data points a day looking for different threats that could lead to identity theft.

LifeLock alerts† you to these identity threats, and if there’s a problem, a dedicated Identity Restoration Specialist will work with you to help resolve the issue. If needed, they’ll even spend up to $1 million on lawyers and experts to help restore your good name.‡

Join millions of LifeLock members who know that it pays to protect with the best. And because of our collaboration with LifeLock, Patriot Federal Credit Union members will receive a special rate with memberships starting at $8.99* a month (plus applicable sales tax). Enroll in minutes, protection starts immediately.

No one can prevent all identity theft. † LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.
1 — Based on sample of 2,021 respondents to monthly online consumer survey conducted by MSI International on behalf of LifeLock, Jan—Jun 2015.

‡Service Guarantee benefits for State of New York members are provided under a Master Insurance Policy issued by State National Insurance Company. Benefits for all other members are provided under a Master Insurance Policy underwritten by United Speciality Insurance Company.  Under the Service Guarantee LifeLock will spend up to $1 million to hire experts to help your recovery. Please see the policy for terms, conditions and exclusions at

*Enrollment and Authorization form required at enrollment in order to automatically debit your checking account for membership fees. Your checking account will be debited automatically $8.99/month for LifeLock StandardTM membership or $17.99/month for LifeLock AdvantageTM membership or $26.99/month for LifeLock Ultimate PlusTM membership plus applicable sales taxes. You can cancel anytime without penalty by calling Patriot Federal CU (888) 777-9982. Offer for new LifeLock members only. Offer is available for LifeLock StandardTM, LifeLock AdvantageTM and LifeLock Ultimate PlusTM memberships only. Not combinable with other offers.

*LifeLock® does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.