Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Now Available on eBranch/Mobile

Patriot Mobile and eBranch users now have the option of enrolling in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This feature is another way that members can protect themselves from potential fraud and account takeover.

The new MFA feature is available for interested members on a per request or opt in basis. Reach out to a Patriot team member to add this to your account today!

MFA is not the only security feature available to eBranch and Patriot Mobile users. eBranch and Patriot Mobile alerts can be set-up to notify members about activity such as:

  • Change in Contact Information Alert – if a member’s contact information (email, phone, etc.) is changed, an alert will be sent to the member via email or push notification.
  • Login Credential Change Alert – if a member’s login credentials (username or password) are changed, an alert will be sent to the member via email or push notification.
  • Login Alert – each time eBranch or Patriot Mobile is accessed, an alert is sent.
  • Balance & Transaction Alerts – member will receive an email or push notification regarding balances and transactions. Members can manage these alerts and change them by going ‘Messages & Alerts’ and selecting ‘Manage Alert Settings’ then choosing the account to be monitored.

Members can also choose to have a challenge question presented each time they log into eBranch or Patriot Mobile as added security. To do so, members can simply log into eBranch/Patriot Mobile, click on ‘Settings’ and ‘Additional Services’, then ‘Challenge Question Each Login’ and toggle the button until it is green and save the change.

We’re always looking out for our members and striving to educate them about scams. Check out our new video regarding recent text scams.