Neighbors 1st FAQs

Q. Will I receive a membership card?

A. Yes, for most transactions at branches and drive-ups we ask for your membership card as a method of identification.  We only issue Patriot membership identification cards at our branches – we do not mail membership cards. The next time you visit one of our branches, simply request a card.  Until you are able to get your membership card, please bring along your driver’s license or other form of acceptable photo identification with you.

Q. My spouse and I have a joint membership, will this change?

A. Patriot offers individual memberships, not joint memberships. However, your joint membership from Neighbors 1st will be honored and remain intact at Patriot.

Q. What is the closest Patriot branch to the Neighbors 1st branch office on Grant Street?

A. The Grant Street branch location will remain open in addition to Patriot’s Waynesboro Financial Services Center located on Buchanan Trail East in Waynesboro.

Q. Where can I access surcharge free ATMs?

A.  You can access your accounts without being charged a surcharge fee at any Patriot ATM or at any of the over 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs in the Allpoint Network.  Use the ATM locator on our website to find a surcharge-free ATM near you!  A complete list of Patriot’s ATM locations can be found on the back of this guide.

Q.  I have automatic transfers between my Neighbors 1st accounts, will these remain in force?

A.  Yes, for the most part.  All internal transfers will remain intact. If you have an automatic transfer from your checking to your savings or a Neighbors 1st loan payment coming out of your Neighbors 1st checking, these will remain, however, they will occur at nightly processing rather than immediately.

Q.  What happens with my Credit Life Insurance or Disability Insurance?

A. Your loan protection coverage will remain the same.  Please feel free to contact a Patriot representative should you have any questions.

Q. What will happen with my Share Certificate of Deposit?

A.  Your current terms, interest rate and early withdrawal penalties will remain the same.  Interest on our share certificate will post to your account quarterly based on the open date of your share certificate. Please see the Terms & Agreements and Disclosures for more information on Share Certificates of Deposit. Upon maturity, you will be sent a renewal notice at least 30 days prior to maturity to renew or open a new Share Certificate of Deposit.  If there is a change in terms or you are moving your money into a new Share Certificate of Deposit you will need to have a minimum balance of $1000.00.  Your notice will state the new rate and terms.  If you decide to renew the Share Certificate, you will have a 7-day grace period to make changes.

Q.  Can I add money to an existing Share Certificate of Deposit?

A.  No.  If you have additional funds to deposit you will need to open a new share account.  Patriot offers a wide variety of Share Certificates in which to invest your additional funds.  Patriot also offers Money Market accounts, which are a great investment option that offers immediate access to your money.

Q.  How will the merger affect the local communities the credit unions serve?

A.  We are committed to maintaining our roles as actively engaged partners and business citizens.  As part of that, our support of local community organizations will continue.

Q.  I am currently a member of Patriot, how will my accounts at Neighbors 1st be effected by the merger?

A.  You will have two memberships.  You can choose to consolidate them at your convenience.  For a period of six months, you will receive NCUA coverage on your deposits under both memberships – in essence, during this time, you will receive double the coverage.

Q.  The membership share value at Patriot if $5 per share, while at Neighbors 1st it is $10 per share. How will this be handled?

A.  Your $10 will remain in your Prime Share account, however, only $5 will be required to keep your membership at Patriot. You will have access to an additional $5 in your prime share (savings) account.

Q. Where can I view Patriot’s financials?

A.  Financials are posted at all Patriot branch office locations. The most recent annual report can be viewed here.