Patriot Smart ATM Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Smart ATM?
An ATM machine that’s capable of doing more than dispensing cash. You can use the ATM to deposit cash and checks, that can usually only be done at a bank branch.
What transactions can I complete at a Patriot ATM?
• Choosing your denominations (i.e., $5, $10, and $20 bills) when receiving cash
• Activate your Patriot Visa Debit Card
• Change your PIN number
• Get an image of your check deposit on the receipt
How do I make a deposit at the ATM?
After inserting card and entering PIN, click on Deposit. (Member will then have to confirm that they understand that all funds from the Deposit may not be immediately available.) Next, select which account you would like to make a deposit to. After selecting the account, select Cash or Checks for the type of Deposit.
Do all Patriot ATMs accept deposits?
Not all Patriot ATMs accept deposits. Currently, 13 out of our 20 ATMs accept deposits. The Patriot ATMs that do not accept deposits are Fayetteville, Greenvillage, St. Thomas, and Meritus locations. All other Patriot locations accept deposits.
Can I pick my denominations when withdrawing money?
Yes, you can choose from $5, $10, and $20.
How do I activate my debit card?
After the member inserts their card and successfully enters their PIN, the debit card will be activated.
(Note – You can also activate cards after successfully entering a PIN at any POS terminal.)
How do I change my PIN?
After inserting card and entering PIN, click on More Services, which will bring the member to the Main Menu. Click on More Services again, and then click on Change PIN.