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Direct Deposit

5 Reasons to Use Direct Deposit –

  1. Direct Deposit is safe and confidential
  2. Direct Deposit is convenient and saves you time.
  3. Direct Deposit is fast and reliable.
  4. Direct Deposit helps you manage your finances
  5. Direct Deposit is FREE.

Sign up for Direct Deposit and your paycheck, social security check, or retirement check will be automatically and securely deposited into your Patriot Federal Credit Union Savings or Checking Account. Funds are available to withdraw the morning of your pay date, and you’ll never have to worry about your check getting lost or stolen.

At Patriot, we know how important your time is. To help you make the most of it, we have a number of Direct Deposit options:

  • Direct Deposit/ACH Transactions
  • Automatic Recurring Transfers
  • Originating Deposits

Direct Deposit/ACH Transactions
Direct Deposit/ACH (Automated Clearing House) Transactions authorizes your employer to automatically send your net pay directly to your Credit Union account. Print our direct deposit form or for one provided by your employer, our routing number is 231379979.

Automatic Recurring Transfers
Automatic Recurring Transfers are convenient when you have to make loan payments, child support payments, etc. to other financial institutions. With this service you can have funds transferred from your Patriot Savings/Checking Account to those obligations at another financial institution.

Originating Deposits
Originating Deposits deposit funds directly to your Patriot Share/Checking Account from a Savings/Checking Account at another financial institution. There is no charge for this convenient service.

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Phone System Access

This software-based technology provides you with the ability get directly to the appropriate department, and to the SMARTLine Telephone System, discussed below.

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SMARTLine Telephone System

SMARTLine, Patriot’s Automated Telephone Response System makes it easy to track your finances from anywhere you have access to a touch-tone phone. Check balances, transfer funds, review transactions, request a check and more by calling 717-263-8468 from the Chambersburg, PA area, or toll free at 888-633-PFCU (7328).
Access SMARTLine Service Codes

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Wire Transfers

Send money to nearly anyone in the U.S. using Patriot’s Wire Transfer Service. Money can be sent to destinations within the United States, usually the same day, at a price that’s lower than most other money transfer services.

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Routing Number

  • Patriot Federal Credit Union’s ABA/Transit Routing Number is 231379979
  • Checking Account Number in the above example: 77001XXXXXXX

Please Note: If you are using your Account Number for ACH transactions, do NOT include special characters. Using the above example, your ACH transaction Account Number will be: 77001XXXXXXX Giving your ACH Transaction Account Number (ex. 77001XXXXXXX) to a third party authorizes them to deposit or withdraw funds to and from your Checking Account. Patriot recommends that you monitor your account activity regularly for accuracy.
To authorize a third party to deposit funds into your Regular Shares (Savings), use your 10-digit Member Number

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