VISA® Credit Cards Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I access my VISA® Credit Card Account?
You can access VISA® Credit Card account by using Online Banking or the mobile app. You can also get information about your account by calling the Contact Service Center at 1- 888-777-9982.
How can I contact Patriot for assistance with their Credit Card?
You can call 717-263-4444 or 888-803-4913 for card services. To report a lost or stolen credit card, you can call 717-263-4444 or 888-803-4912.
Will all cardholders (primary, joint and authorized signers) associated with a credit card account have the same card number?
On accounts with multiple cardholders (joint and/or authorized signers), each cardholder will receive a unique card number. If a card is lost/stolen or there is fraud, only the affected card has to be closed.
What are the added features of having a Patriot credit card?
• Purchase Security
• Travel & Emergency Assistance Service
• Travel Accident Insurance
• ID Navigator powered by Norton LifeLock


When are payments due?
All payments are due on the 26th of each month


What is the statement cycle?
The statement cycle will be from the 1st of the month to the last day of the month. (E.g. 6/1 – 6/30, with the payment due on 7/26).
For what time frame will eStatements be available in eBranch?
eBranch will retain a rolling 18 months of credit card statement history. eStatements are available in eBranch starting the date that the member elected to receive statements electronically.
Can I choose to have paper statements for my membership and eStatements for my credit card (or vice versa)?
You can election for paper vs electronic statements for their membership will carry over to their Credit Card statement. I.e. if a member has paper statements for your membership, you will have paper statements for your Credit Card; if you have eStatements for your membership, you will have eStatements for their Credit Card.

Credit Limits

Can I go over my available credit limit?
You will not be allowed to conduct a transaction that exceeds their available credit limit. However, fees or a preauthorization (e. g. at a gas pump) could result in you exceeding your available limit. If you exceeds your available limit, your minimum payment due will automatically be updated to include any over the limit amount.
Will Patriot refund if I overpaid their credit card?
Yes, this process will be handled automatically by Support Services after 120 days.
What do I do if I want a credit limit increase?
You will need to reapply if you would like an increased credit limit.

Authorized Signers

On a joint credit card loan, do all borrowers have to sign to add an Authorized Signer?
Yes. All borrowers must sign to add an Authorized Signer.
Is there a minimum age for an Authorized Signer (can a minor be an Authorized Signer)?
Minors may be added as Authorized Signers (follow MIP guidelines for identification of minors). Patriot’s guideline for a minimum age for an Authorized Signer is 13. However, it is important that the borrower(s) understand that the Authorized Signer has full access to make purchases, cash advances and balance transfers but has no liability for the debt.
What information can be provided to an Authorized Signer?
No loan information (balance, available balance, activity, payment amount, delinquency, etc.) is to be provided to an Authorized Signer. The Authorized Signer CAN discuss the status and maintenance of the credit card issued to them (e.g. lost/stolen, damaged, disputes, etc.).


Will a delinquency impact use of my credit card?
Yes, if the credit card loan is 30 days delinquent, access to eBranch and the Mobile app will be shut down. You will not be able to continue using your card and will not receive a replacement card when it expires. You can continue to pay down the balance until it is paid in full and then may be reviewed for reopening.


Can my card be blocked for potential fraud?
Yes, it is possible your card can be blocked due to potential fraud. Credit Cards will be monitored for fraud through the same process used for debit cards. In the event that fraud is detected, you will be contacted via phone/text/email to verify the transactions. If you cannot be reached, the card will be automatically decline further transactions until we can confirm with you that you indeed made the transaction question.

Cash Back Rewards VISA® Credit Card

What is cash back?
A cashback reward program is an incentive program where a percentage (1.5%) of the purchase amount is paid back to you.
How do I enroll?
The Cash Back Rewards VISA® Credit Card are automatically enrolled in cash back once approved.
Are there hidden fees?
Please refer to your Credit Card Account Opening Disclosure for all fees and terms associated with your credit card account.
What is the reward percentage?
1.5% of the total purchase balance each month. Rewards are not earned on cash advances or balance transfers.
How are the rewards given?
Rewards are deposited into your prime share on the 1st of each month. There are no minimum or maximums for rewards earned.
What happens to the Rewards earned if I makes a return on a purchase?
If you make a return, the amount returned will not be eligible for a Reward.