Direct Deposit

Patriot Routing Number: 231379979

Direct deposit promo


Sign up for Direct Deposit and your paycheck, social security check, or retirement check will be automatically and securely deposited into your Patriot Federal Credit Union Savings or Checking Account.

Funds are available to withdraw the morning of your pay date, and you’ll never have to worry about your check getting lost or stolen.


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The routing number for Patriot is 231379979.

You can find your member/account number on your membership card. This member number is linked to your savings account for Direct Deposit/ACH (Automated Clearing House). You can also find this number if you log into eBranch/Patriot Mobile. Click on the Prime Share Account S:00 to expand. Then click on the details button. You do need to click on the eye icon to unmask this number.

You can find your checking account number also known as MICR Number on the bottom of your checks (12 digit number). This MICR number can be used for Direct Deposit/ACH to your checking account.  You can also find this number if you log into eBranch/Patriot Mobile. Click on the checking account to expand. Then click on the details button.

Direct Deposit/ACH 

Direct Deposit/ACH (Automated Clearing House) Transactions authorizes your employer to automatically send your net pay directly to your Credit Union account.

Automatic Recurring Transfers

Automatic Recurring Transfers are convenient when you have to make loan payments, child support payments, etc. to other financial institutions. With this service you can have funds transferred from your Patriot Savings/Checking Account to those obligations at another financial institution.

Originating Deposits

Originating Deposits deposit funds directly to your Patriot Share/Checking Account from a Savings/Checking Account at another financial institution. There is no charge for this convenient service.


Existing Members- Add a Share/Account to Existing Membership

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*This promotion is available to new credit union members who sign up for direct deposit into a checking account AND have an active Patriot debit card. The $50 cash incentive will be deposited into the member’s checking account within 60 days of the following requirements being made: open a Patriot consumer checking account, sign up for direct deposit of at least $500 per month into that checking account, have the direct deposit meet or exceed that monthly amount, and activate your Patriot debit card. As required by law, Patriot Federal Credit Union will report the value of the incentive to the IRS. All state, federal, and local tax laws are applicable. This offer is non-transferable and available for a limited time. Offer subject to change without notice. Other restrictions may apply. Promotion code #127.