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Loan Payment Options

Patriot makes it easy to pay your loan with a variety of options.

Mobile Phone

Pay Online

Pay your loan with Online Banking or Patriot Mobile using funds from your Patriot account or from your account at another financial institution.

Hand holding coin

Pay in Person

Visit one of our convenient branch locations or drive-throughs, or drop your payment in our night deposits anytime. View our branch locations and hours.


Mail Your Payment

Mail to: Patriot Federal Credit Union, P.O. Box 778, Chambersburg, PA 17201

Pay from an Account at Another Financial Institution

You can set up an incoming ACH payment from your account at another financial institution as a one-time or recurring payment option. New external accounts will require a micro deposit verified in advance of the first payment.

Online Banking & Patriot Mobile App

  • Using Online Banking, under Transfers & Payments, select “Manage External Accounts” and then click “Add New External Account”
  • Using Patriot’s Mobile App, select “Manage External Accounts” from the three-lined navigation bar; add an external account by tapping the “+” on the right side of the screen

ACH Transfer

You can set up automatic ACH payments from your financial institution through Patriot. New ACH payments will require three business days to process the first payment.

To set up at Patriot, you will need the information below for your account at your other financial institution:

  • Primary or Joint Name on Account
  • Financial Institution Name
  • Routing/Transit Number
  • Account Number

Pay by Phone (Fee Applies)

Pay your loan by calling 888-777-9982

Pay Online (Fee Applies)

You can also pay your Patriot loan using this secure Payment Center.

Pay from Your Patriot Account

Online Banking

  • Navigate to “Transfers & Payments,” select “Make a Transfer”
  • Choose “Send Now” for a one-time payment, “Schedule Transfer” for the future, or “Recurring Transfer” to set and forget

Patriot Mobile

  • Select “Transfer Money” from the three-lined navigation bar
  • You can choose to “Send Now” for a one-time payment or “Schedule Transfer” for a future payment
  • Recurring transfers are currently not available on our mobile app. Please log in to Online Banking for this option

Pay by Phone

You can also call us at 888-777-9982 to authorize an internal payment transfer from your Patriot account or set up a recurring transfer.

How to Pay Your Loan

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