Annual Report

CEO’S 2017 Annual Report

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We know this as the Golden Rule, or the law of reciprocity.  It’s the principle of treating others as one would wish to be treated; and is prevalent in nearly every major religion as well as in most traditions and cultures. While many view this philosophy as treating others with the same concern and kindness that we’d like to have shown to us, the Golden Rule is actually a guidepost for living life.  It basically says “I give so that you’ll give in return.” In today’s jargon . . . Pay it Forward!

The commitment to the well-being of others is without the expectation of anything in return. This concept aligns with our Credit Union Mission of “People helping People – not for profit, but for service. To support this mission we’ve embraced a servant leadership business model.

If you’re not familiar with servant leadership, it’s a philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds stronger organizations and ultimately creates a just and caring society. The focus of servant leadership isn’t on how the company or the organization will benefit but is focused on the member and the community.

At Patriot, our greatest asset remains our staff. During the past year our employees have exhibited many of the traits found in servant leaders.  Servant leadership empowers and increases our capacity to serve you and the communities in which we live. With a servant heart Patriot has grown membership by 5.0%, assets by 8.4% (to $553 million), shares by 8.7%, and loans by 19.8%.

This success is a direct result of treating people well. Although a credit union is a financial service provider, the key ingredient is still people: our members, our staff, and our communities. During the past year Patriot employees have been engaged and shown a great deal of loyalty and productivity for the membership on a daily basis. Clearly, staff satisfaction drives member satisfaction and loyalty. Members tell their family and friends about Patriot, and the cycle continues throughout the community.

Patriot remains a good steward and our sense of duty leads us to volunteer, participating at events like Diaper Depot in Chambersburg and by raising money for the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life and the American Heart Association through HeartWalk; just to name a few. This community activism fulfills and affords us with the opportunity to spend time with others that we don’t typically interact with while sharing our talents and our resources.

Supported by the right values and culture we embrace the spirit of people helping people as we’ve experienced amazing things happening around us. With our members, we focus on being accessible while enabling our staff to be consultative and engaged. And while we’re excited and proud about the growth we’ve experienced, our journey is not about the numbers. It’s about the relationships and loyalty to our staff, our members and our communities.

We’re now on a new journey into the future that includes investing in technology and people. In the past 12 months, we’ve begun to upgrade our aging ATM network, laid the groundwork for upgrading our debit cards with EMV chips, and most importantly redesigning our eBranch (home banking). Our improved home banking platform will sit on the very same system with our Mobile banking system. This transition to an Omni-channel delivery system represents a seamless, user-friendly member experience focused on a Mobile First approach.

For over 50 years, our credit union has been synonymous with offering superior financial services to individuals and their families.  However, earlier this year we expanded to include business services and commercial loans.  To offer the best business services, we brought on experienced staff.   We have been pleased with the reception and acceptance throughout the community.  As a result, Patriot means more than just service to individuals and their families; it also means business.

On a continual basis Patriot is focused on delivering the best possible member experience. In 2018, we expect to open a new branch in Hagerstown on Robinwood Drive across from the Meritus Medical facility.  We will add new services and functionality to eBranch and Patriot Mobile including debit card controls.  And much, much more!

As I close my remarks, I want to thank all of the members who have placed their trust and confidence in Patriot. And I want to thank you for your business and friendship, as we continue to make a difference for all who live, work, worship, or regularly do business in all of our communities.


Brad R. Warner, President/CEO