Annual Report

CEO’S 2018 Annual Report

Patriot exists to serve! We strive to offer the best financial services at a fair rate for those within our field of membership: “People helping People – not for profit, not for charity, but for service”. A very simple statement yet difficult to explain.

First, allow me to emphatically state Patriot sees our role as providing a hand up (in order to meet our members’ financial needs) and not a hand out. Members put their hard earned monies into this Credit Union as an investment; not for us to hand out as charity! Please, don’t confuse our nonprofit status with a government social agency.

In 2017, Patriot built upon our foundation and moved beyond our past; we refocused on how best to address our members’ financial needs. We changed the internal culture to one of “Servant Leadership”. With roughly $70 million in capital, owned by our membership, we are committed to find new ways to invest in YOU!

We’ve defined our value propositions via Brand Messaging, a way to identify who we are from the members’ point of view. We’ve distilled our value propositions down to three primary statements: 1) “Patriot Offers the Products and Services that Meet My Needs”; 2) “Patriot is convenient”; and 3) “Patriot Cares About Me”. The great news . . . our members have validated our efforts. When members are asked to describe Patriot, they note these three features prominently.

In April of 2017 Patriot added member business lending and in June we merged our home banking platform with our mobile banking platform. Prior to this, we served 4,000 mobile banking members and 14,000 home banking members. Now we serve over 25,000 members with electronic banking services which permits members to have a 360° view of all their accounts with a single sign-on. In September we completed plans to build our new Robinwood Branch in Washington County, MD. We broke ground in October. Additionally, we added over 3,600 members, a second branch in Waynesboro and two highly competent board members when Neighbors 1st Federal Credit Union agreed to join Patriot in late 2017.

Moving into 2018, we’ve enacted centralized lending in support of our tremendous loan growth. We’ve replaced BALANCE with GreenPath Financial Wellness to provide better financial education tools, and we’re preparing to bring credit cards in-house to improve member experience and offer more services. And Patriot is now focused on adding additional member business services to include municipal deposit products on our journey in serving our community.

Helping members and their families improve their personal financial situations in order to reach their dreams of home ownership, college education, etc. occur here at Patriot on a regular basis. These good deeds are the results of being engaged and building community relationships as servant leaders.

Servant leaders understand success isn’t measured solely by spreadsheets, but on the impact our organization has on our members. Servant leaders serve others and are fiercely focused on achieving bottom-line results. This passion comes from the heart, and we believe that love and results are two sides of the same coin. If you love what you do (and who you do it for) it’s hard not to produce extraordinary results.

As a non-profit financial cooperative, Patriot gives back to our members through higher saving dividends, lower fees, and lower interest rates on loans. This means the more you use our services, the more funds you’ll have in your pocket. I encourage you to tell your family and friends about the Patriot difference . . . we care!


Brad R. Warner, President/CEO