Patriot Federal Credit Union — Federal Street

The moment you walk into our Patriot Federal Credit Union branch on Federal Street in Chambersburg, you receive a warm greeting. At our credit union, you’re not just a number — you’re a member.

Our Federal Street location provides a range of services for our members. Whether you want to apply for a home loan, open a checking account, get information about saving for college, or talk to someone about setting up your mobile banking account, we can assist you. Our branch even offers extended hours on Thursday and Friday, staying open until 7 p.m. to fit your busy schedule.

When you join a credit union, you become part owner as well as a member. At Patriot FCU, we provide a range of member benefits, such as:

  • Fewer and lower fees than banks.
  • Lower rates on personal, home and auto loans.
  • Higher dividends on savings and checking accounts.

While all credit union members enjoy these things, Patriot Federal Credit Union also offers unique benefits and services. The Federal Street branch can help you navigate our offerings and find what you need the most.

Our Members

Credit unions limit membership to people who share something in common, such as a location. Patriot FCU membership is available to those who live in Franklin or Fulton County in Pennsylvania, Shippensburg Borough in Pennsylvania, or Washington County in Maryland. Membership lasts for life, even if you move somewhere else — and once you become a member, you can invite others in your family to join.

We have many exclusive rewards and tools available to our members, such as:

  • Discounts for Liberty Mutual Insurance.
  • Annual shred day invitations.
  • Financial wellness and education counseling from GreenPath.
  • Financial calculators.

Rising college students with membership can also enter our Baumunk Scholarship Competition, which we hold annually. Plus, members enjoy transactions run on a live system, so you can see the change immediately when you deposit a check or make a purchase.

Our Services

Members receive access to a range of services from Patriot FCU. You might need resources to reference as you make long-term financial decisions, or you could be looking for estate or retirement planning. We can assist you with those needs and more. Our services include:

  • Personal banking: Open savings and/or checking accounts; use telephone, mobile or online banking; or get a safe deposit box.
  • Business services: Obtain a business VISA card, open a credit line or apply for a real estate loan.
  • Borrowing loan: Compare rates on our auto, home equity, home or personal loans.

You can also educate yourself using our financial resources or request more information about our insurance programs at our Federal Street location.

Contact Your Local Branch

Credit union members enjoy many advantages, and we want to help you discover them all. The friendly representatives at our Federal Street location can assist you with anything you need as well as answer your questions about what it means to be a member and how to make the most of our services. Call 888-996-2735 to make an appointment at this branch.

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