Patriot Managers Engage in Community Giving

People carrying bags

Recently, Patriot branch managers and contact center assistant managers came together for a meaningful day of learning and giving back to the community. The day began with a Coaching Workshop aimed at enhancing leadership skills and fostering teamwork. However, the highlight of the day was the community event organized in collaboration with the Salvation Army of Washington County.

The team embarked on a heartwarming endeavor of filling backpacks for those in need. Generously donating all the items themselves, the managers were divided into teams for a timed challenge. They were tasked to fill 10 backpacks each with specific essential items.

Over the lunch hour, all the backpacks and remaining items were promptly delivered to the Salvation Army. Here, our team had the privilege of personally handing out these backpacks to individuals in need within the community. Additionally, they took part in serving meals to community members.

In total, our team packed 49 backpacks, along with donating a variety of other essential items to the Salvation Army. It was a day filled with not only professional development but also with the satisfaction of making a tangible difference in the lives of others. This event exemplifies the power of teamwork and community spirit, showcasing the dedication of Patriot managers to both personal growth and social responsibility.

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