New eBranch

Coming this June!

eBranch will be integrated with our Patriot mobile platform for a seamless, userfriendly member experience. Here’s what you can expect:

–  Universal log-in:  use the same for user name and password to access both eBranch and Mobile

–  Access to all Patriot accounts on which you are an owner or co-owner from a single point of access

Other new features will include:

–  Enhanced security: security phrase, security image and challenge questions

– Detailed event log:  tracks eBranch log-in access and administration

– Upload images and make notations on transactions

– Make transfers to or pay other Patriot members with Member-to-Member (like Person to Person where you only need the other member’s last name and account number)

– Check withdrawal

– Graphs and more!

As we work on rolling this new eBranch out to our members, we encourage all members to take this time to update their eBranch profile and, in particular, verifying that their email address is current and accurate.

If you have any questions about or need assistance with updating your current email address in eBranch, please contact member services.

COMING SOON – Educational videos, Frequently Asked Questions, along with more details on our new eBranch launch.  Watch your e-mail, eBranch and Mobile messages or check back for regular updates.

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