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Patriot Federal Credit Union continues to provide sound financial support for its members through the efforts of its Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee, and professional staff. Each group performs different functions to ensure the integrity and soundness of the Credit Union. The Board establishes loan and savings policies and directs the affairs of the Credit Union. The Supervisory Committee oversees the financial affairs and strength of your Credit Union. If you would like to know more about the functions of your Board and Supervisory Committee, give us a call and/or attend our Annual Meetings.

Board of Directors

Dennis Coons, Chairman
John S. Boozer, 1st Vice Chairman
Dennis Travers, 2nd Vice Chairman
Garry E. Gontz, Treasurer
Deborah Hoff, Secretary
Thomas M. Luzzi, Director
Sila Alegret-Bartel, Director
Dr. Lorenzo York, Director
Calvin St. Juste, Director
Matt Zaborsky, Associate Director
Elliot Simon, Associate Director

Supervisory Committee

Calvin St. Juste, Chairman
Jay Keefer, Vice Chairman
Bill Whittington, Jr.

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