A healthy savings plan is an essential part of living the American Dream

Patriot offers a variety of savings options, and the convenience to make deposits automatically, by mail, or in person at any branch. Whether you are saving for retirement, an education, or a house, we have a savings product that is just right for you.

Money Markets

Keeping a portion of your portfolio in a “safe place” doesn’t mean it can’t keep earning for you. With Patriot’s Credit Union Insured Money Market Account (CUIMMA), you could earn a higher dividend rate than in a standard savings account with a minimum balance of $1,000.

Youth Savings

With Patriot’s youth programs, children to young adults—from grade school to college—can rely on Patriot, their local credit union to provide them with the products and services they need to succeed in life.

Start Small with a Savings Account
Lifetime membership and ownership at Patriot Federal Credit Union is established through a Share Savings account. A minimum of $5 must be maintained in this account. The account grows when it earns interest, too!

Sign up your child today:
For ages 0-12 years, join our FREE Patriot Pals savings program to help them learn more about saving money!

For ages 13-17 years, check out our Patriot All-Stars program to get young adults off to a great financial start.

Dividend Rates

You can also check out the personal finance section of our learning center blog for tips and tricks on budgeting, saving, and more!